Best Of Homeschool Ideas for Three Year Olds

Best Of Homeschool Ideas for Three Year Olds

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My third child will turn 3 in january and although she sits for “school” and our story time I plan on starting ‘Little Hands To Heaven ” it is a “cutrriculum”book for do a letter and a number a week with a bible story and a rhyme that goes with it I found it a bit slow but we used it as a baseBut I found just playing and noticing things with them is the best way she can already “read “the store signs and recognize the names in our family Good luck and enjoy. (Who has time to gather ribbon in 6 colors, cut out 50 little penguins, or plan new activities every day?) Your child will learn about 12 animals (one in each unit) through finger plays, creative play, and colorful animal cookie cutters. I began to educate myself and learn about other forms and methods of education from Charlotte Mason to Classical I read books on Attention Deficit Disorder and talked to other homeschoolers about their curriculum. For this reason I am not sending my children to preschool because there are 3 of them and they learn social skills with mutiple age groups by the places we go every day.

When it comes to teaching your children, there is definitely an art to homeschooling boys. When my older kid was 1 yr, we did baby signing with her, in addition to the usual homeschool curriculum which include reading bible stories to her regularly, listening to audio CDs using Zoo Phonics, etc. We spend hours everyday on homework and I’m practically reteaching him everything anyway (he is failing everything except art), so it’s almost like homeschooling already.

That all his accomplishments with homeschooling are overshadowed by the fact that he has never spent his day at a desk, standing in line, and learning to deal with situations that are currently completely overwhelming. I went to a homeschooling convention last winter and talked to alot of moms who said if you start kids to early it is more likely they will rebel the learning process when they get older because they are tired of it. When kids are four is when preschools or at least for my boys when preschools started learning about letters and numbers and practice tracing and writing.

Music, Poetry, and Finger Plays Schedule: Use this guide to help your child learn—and maybe even perform!—fun poems, songs, and finger plays. Your child will learn about 12 animals through stories, finger plays, creative play, and colorful animal cookie cutters. If you are already homeschooling older children:

You’d like to spend memory-making time each day with your child — an easy-to-teach Together Time activity (15 minutes), Story Time (books and poems provided), a semi-independent Surprise Time activity, and unstructured Outside Time. Story Time — books and poems scheduled in the Teacher’s Manual; included in the Basic and Deluxe Packages (A list of optional library books focusing on the 12 animals you will study is also included.)

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